Carosky sun screen cream

Carosky sun screen cream

Carosky sun screen cream

  • carosky sun screen cream with micronized techniques is well absorbed combination of broad spectrum sun filters against UVA & UVB rays that protect patient from harmful effect of sun rays with water resist benefits & no chalky appearance plus moisturizing effect.

Carosky cream Indications

  • preventing sunburn.
  • protecting from skin damage.
  • Hyperpigmentation.
  • Protecting skin from premature aging such wrinkles &skin cancer.

Criteria of Carosky cream

  • Is a combinations of broad spectrum sun screen filters which provide maximum sun skin protection.
  • Ensures maximum protection against UVB &UVA waves with high lengths.
  • Possesses active ingredients that help freshness & softness of the skin.
  • No chalky appearance because (Micronized Techniques).
  • Water resist for any environmental factors.

Applications of Carosky cream

  • Carosky should be applied 15–30 min prior to sun exposure gently rub the product into the skin until it is evenly distributes & not affected be environmental factors like swimming and sweating cause sunscreen removal.

Packaging & price

Ube contains 120 gram of Carosky cream ... 290 L.E