Atlatex cream

Atlatex cream

Atlatex cream

  • Atlatex cream pain relief cream is combination of anti-inflammatory agent that provide multiple action with different inhibitory pathway for short term & long term management of pain .

Atlatex cream Indications

  • Tennis elbow.
  • hip-ankle bursitis.
  • Joint tenderness, -Joint swelling.
  • Early morning joint stiffness.
  • Per arthritic shoulder(frozen shoulder)
  • osteoarthritis knee joints.
  • Muscle sprain, Muscle spasms.

Criteria of Atlatex cream

  • For management long & short term pain.
  • combinations of active ingredients from natural source.
  • Non-sticky .
  • Easy administration.

Applications of Atlatex cream

  • Apply a thin layer from Atlatex cream topically on inflamed area 2-3 times daily.

Packaging & price

Ube contains 50 gram of Atlatex ..... 42,75 L.E